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Sail News: Spring 2016

Posted April 17, 2016 by Sail Internet

Sail Launches Service in Fremont, CA

In January, Sail Internet launched a service trial in part of the Warm Springs neighborhood of Fremont, California. Our customers are enjoying super responsive internet with 100-200 Mbps downloads along with our managed home router service. After a free trial period, their internet service will be only $55 per month (in most areas). We've had an overwhelmingly positive response from our Warm Springs customers who have been happy to switch from Comcast and AT&T. Some of them have posted 5-star reviews on Yelp.

If you live in the Warm Springs neighborhood you can sign up for our trial.

Our installation team with Kevin and Sharon in Warm Springs, April 2016. 
Great speeds from one of our customers. Speeds vary based on distance to our antenna and amount of signal blockage from trees.

What attracts me is the speed and the price, with price lock for 2+ years.
—Fremont Sail Customer

How Does Sail Work?

Sail provides high-speed internet to your home using new breakthrough fixed-wireless technology that connects two locations without cables, cellular service or satellites. We install a small antenna on your roof to wirelessly connect to high-speed fiber. 

We use low-cost frequency bands, instead of the costly, slow and congested cellular bands. Our innovative strategy provides blazing 100-200 Mbps downloads for only $55 per month (in most areas).

Find out why Sail Internet is a better choice for you. 

Life of a Cord Cutter

Our CEO, Kevin Fisher, started a blog describing his journey to break free from pay TV and his landline phone. Learn about dumping pay TV, getting free over-the-air HDTV and more.

Check out the recent home networking post about getting internet to those hard-to-reach areas of your home. 

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The Sail Internet Team

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