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Sail Internet Brings Fiber-like Speeds to Fremont Condo Complex

Posted June 12, 2017 by Sail Internet

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June 12, 2017 

FREMONT, CA Sail Internet is expanding and deploying fiber-like speeds at an affordable price to residents of a high-density condominium complex in Fremont, CA. With 300 Mbps downloads and 100 Mbps uploads, Sail is enabling these customers to cut the cord, see substantial cost savings and increase the quality of their service.

“The customer service is second to none, and the price is very reasonable and straight forward, which was the primary reason I was moving away from big box internet providers like Comcast and AT&T.  I've never had a better internet experience than I am getting right now with Sail Internet.” —Andy, Sail Internet customer in Fremont

“Sail Internet provides a fixed wireless internet connection direct from fiber. Our technology and service delivery model have enabled a great customer experience at an affordable price,” adds Kevin Fisher, Sail Internet CEO.

Sail is currently serving the Warm Springs area of Fremont, CA and North Milpitas as well as expanding further into Fremont, Milpitas and San Jose with high speed and low cost internet service to both single family homes and multi-unit buildings.

Sail has built an impressive new network infrastructure to deliver fiber-like speeds to high-density multiple dwelling buildings (MDUs) within the Sail service area. The Cinnamon Fern condominium residents are the first in the Sail service area to receive the boosted 300 Mbps downloads and amazing 100 Mbps uploads at no additional cost to subscribers.

Enhanced MDU Speedtest results from Sail customer on June 2, 2017.

As Sail expands their service area and infrastructure, other multiple dwelling buildings may qualify for these fiber-like enhanced speeds. Contact Sail at to bring ultra-fast internet service to your building or signup at and mention Enhanced MDU Speeds.

About Sail Internet

Founded in 2015, Sail Internet offers customers a solution to the slow internet and expensive television packages offered by cable and phone companies. Sail delivers high-speed internet through dedicated wireless antennas directly to homes and small to medium-sized businesses. Sail was founded by experts and innovators from the internet access industry, led by Kevin Fisher, PhD, Stanford University and formerly Engineering VP at 2Wire and Ikanos; George Ginis, PhD, also from Stanford and ASSIA; and Dana Tom, who leads customer development.

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