The Life of a Cord Cutter

Follow our CEO, Kevin Fisher, as he takes you along his journey to break free from pay TV and overpriced Internet.

The New Wave: Connecting with Fixed Wireless

Internet surrounds our daily life. It's central to paying bills, finding a job, working from home and communicating with others. Even our smart appliances require connectivity. As internet technology moves at accelerating speeds, it makes it hard, if not wholly impossible, to grasp all the particulars. Enter Sail Internet who is bringing a different type of internet service to the those who feel they are paying too much for too little.

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Posted March 16, 2017 by Kevin Fisher

Ditching My Landline Phone: Ooma is Better and Cheaper

We don’t use our home phone much anymore. We mostly use our cell phones, even when at home. It got to the point where most of the calls we received on our traditional landline were telemarketers interrupting mealtimes. But it’s still handy to have a common home phone number for appointment reminders, calls from relatives and occasional long phone calls without draining my cell phone battery.

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Posted September 23, 2016 by Kevin Fisher

The MLB Streaming Video App: A Better Way to Watch Baseball

I’ll start by mentioning that if you want to watch every MLB game live for your local baseball team, the MLB streaming video app is not the whole story for you. But for the rest of us, it’s such a better viewing experience. And for me, it resulted in big savings as well.

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Posted July 15, 2016 by Kevin Fisher

Understanding Wi-Fi

It’s hard to beat the mobility and convenience of Wi-Fi. But Wi-Fi is not perfect. Wi-Fi operates in two unlicensed wireless frequency bands, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The two Wi-Fi frequency bands have pros and cons, and it’s important to understand how and when to use each band.

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Posted May 27, 2016 by Kevin Fisher

Getting the Internet to Every Corner of My Home

I wish my big ISP would focus on how well the internet worked within my house, not just the link from their data center to my modem. For better or worse, the home network has become a DIY activity for most households. Whether I like it or not, I’ve become the local IT department for my family and visitors.

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Posted April 14, 2016 by Kevin Fisher

Demystifying Data Caps

My service provider has a data cap buried in the fine print of my bill. For the big internet service providers, the cap is typically in the 250 to 300 GB range. But what does this really mean? How do I translate this data cap into something meaningful, like hours of video streamed?

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Posted February 24, 2016 by Kevin Fisher

Over-the-air DVR: A Useful Interim Product

Now that I am receiving “free” over-the-air (OTA) crystal clear HDTV at home, I’m trying to decide if I want to record the live broadcasts. With a few exceptions, most national broadcast TV is now available from streaming services like Hulu with a one-day delay. So if I’m not going to watch it live, then can’t I just wait until the next day?

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Posted January 06, 2016 by Kevin Fisher

Over-the-air HDTV: Great Picture Quality

Most of the prime time shows are available through inexpensive streaming services, such as Hulu, but I still sometimes want to watch my local broadcast stations for things like news and live local sports. In most cases, the local feeds are currently unavailable from streaming services.

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Posted January 04, 2016 by Kevin Fisher

Dumping My Pay TV Package

After looking at our $111 Pay TV bill for the past few months, I finally became disgusted enough to unleash myself from our mid-tier TV bundle (two TV’s, a DVR and no premium channels). The most irritating part for me is that we only watched a handful of the 200+ channels in the package, but my service provider only offered the channels that I wanted as part of a bundled package.

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Posted January 01, 2016 by Kevin Fisher

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